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IDGC of the South completed trial run of ice accretion monitoring system

IDGC of the South PJSC (Rosseti Group) have completed testing of innovative solution: ice accretion monitoring system “MIG”. This novelty is recommended for application on 35-220kV power grid without any restrictions. 

The system “MIG”, developed by engineers from Volgogradsky branch of IDGC of the South and scientists from Kamyshenskiy Technological University, represents the new generation system for monitoring ice accretion on wires and ground wires of overhead power lines. The fundamental distinction of this solution consists in the method of detecting ice accretion, which is based on mathematical calculation and the use of meteorological data – air temperature, wind strength, etc. Unlike other existing monitoring systems, system “MIG” is able to forecast icing on power lines beforehand and detect the icing point, which is of crucial importance for timely engagement of ice melting schemes. Technical capabilities of “MIG” allow to control and adjust ice melting parameters to avoid overheating of wire and to increase efficiency of melting process. In comparison with other systems, “MIG” has low production costs, but is able to detect density of icing in real time and to make forecasts on process dynamics. 

Young scientists from Kamyshenskiy Technological University and engineers from Volgogradsky branch were testing their joint project on 110kV power lines and at dispatch units for a year. By the results of testing during winter of 2016-2017 it was decided to end the testing period and recommend the new system for application in 35-220kV power grid without any restrictions.

The system was included in the registry of innovative solutions of Rosseti PJSC under the number 06-068-0059/1.

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