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Technological Connections


On Main Measures for Simplifying and Cheapening of Technological Connection Procedure in accordance with the Decision of the Russian Federation Government, dated 21 April 2009No. 334

“On Making Amendments to Acts of the Russian Federation Government on Issues of Improving the Order of Technological Connection to Electrical Networks”

  1. determining a possibility of service payment on technological connection by more acceptable prices for applicants of general connected power up to 15 kW inclusively;
  2. discrete determination of limits of obligations of the parties in process of performing technological connection;
  3. providing the right to use interest-free credit for payment services on technological connection for the Consumers with connected power of electric receiving units more than 15 kW and up to 100 kW, including in amount 95% from general cost of services with possibility of equal installment payment in period up to 3 years;
  4. elimination, for applicants, connected power of electrical receiving units to 100 kW including, necessity of exclusive approvements with Rostechnadzor;
  5. exclusion of possibility to refuse in contract conclusion for technological connection to electrical power networks from the side of the network company to subjects with connected capacity of electric power receiving units to 100 kW inclusively – in case of connection of the applicant on 3-d reliability category, on voltage to 20 kW inclusively, at distance from projects of electric power facilities up to 300 m in a city and 500 m in a countryside;
  6. determining an order of redistribution of electric capacity or mediated technological connection, free in process of realization of measures on electric power saving, for applicants actually connected before 01.01.2009 (it does not affect applicants up to 15 kW inclusively, applicants with purpose of temporary connection, applicants with unexecuted financial obligations under the contract for technological connection);
  7. introduction in relations of applicants – legal entities and private businessmen (actual connection of which is done after 01.01.2009 and effected payment for technological connection in full volume), with connected capacity more than 15 and up to 100 kW inclusively, possibilities, within 5 years from the date of actual connection, to submit to the grid company, to electric networks of which electric power receiving units connected of such applicants, requests on money reimburse, earlier paid by them under the contract, for the volume of unclaimed connected capacity;
  8. introduction of the grid company’s responsibility to disclose information in open access on received applications and concluded contracts in order to increase transparency of the procedure of the technological connection;
  9. determination of right recreation order of the applicant for connected capacity upon loss of earlier given technical conditions, with submission of reliable initial data;
  10. if technological connection is not possible, the applicant has a right to conclude a contract for technological connection by an individual design;
  11. the grid company has rights to request necessary documents on giving application, confirming the right to use the property. List of documents has been established according to applicant groups.