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For the inspection of accounting and financial (accounting) statements for the year 2017 the Board of Directors has recommended (Minutes 230/2017 dated 10.05.2017) and approved on 13 June 2017 by the decision of the annual General Shareholders' Meeting (Minutes No. 17 dated 16.06.2017) the Company auditor - LLC “RSM Russia”.

Information on the auditor – RSM RUS LLC

“RSM RUS” LLC is registered in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation and is a regular member of global organization RSM International (hereafter – RSM).

RSM is an independent network of companies rendering professional services in the spheres of audit, tax and consulting. RSM RUS is among the leaders in Russian audit and consultancy market and has been successfully operating since 1992.

The “Expert” magazine ranked RSM RUS the 9th largest Russian audit and consulting group according to the results of activity in 2012.

RSM RUS maintains regular business contacts with the Russian government central agencies, such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Property, Gosstroy (Federal Agency for Construction and Housing and Communal Services), the Ministry of Taxation and Levies, the Ministry for Power Development, Russia’s industry and energy ministry and other bodies supplying consultancy and works assigned by the central government agencies. RSM RUS also cooperates with regional authorities including local governments of Moscow Region, Tyumen Region, Udmurtia, etc.

RSM RUS is the founder and a full member of the Institute of Professional Auditors (IPA) in Russia and a member of the Audit Chamber of Russia.

Since September 2013, RSM RUS is a member of a self-regulating organization of auditors Non-Profit Partnership “Auditing Association “Sodruzhestvo”.

Criteria and method of choosing the auditor

The audit company is chosen by results of open tender held by the Company in accordance with Regulations on procedure of making purchases of goods, works, services for needs of IDGC of the South PJSC (approved by the BoD resolution, minutes of meeting No.115/2013 dated 13.090.2013) or by organization authorized by the Company on the basis of a contract. Candidature of Auditor should be approved by the General meeting of Company’s shareholders in accordance with clause 11 of paragraph 10.2 of Article 10 of Company’s Charter.

In order to participate in the tender the audit companies shall meet the following requirements:

  • must not be in the process of dissolution;
  • as of the day of considering the application for participation in tender the auditor must not have a decision on suspension of activity, taken in accordance with The Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation;
  • do not have debts on taxes, duties and other obligatory payments to the budgets of any level or state funds for the previous calendar year, the amount of which exceeds twenty five percent of the bet value of assets according to the financial statements for the latest reporting period. The applicant is considered to meet the requirements if he appeals against the debt in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the decision on the appeal on the date of the application for participation in the competition is not accepted;
  • the participant must undergo an external quality control in the last three years preceding the year for which the audit is carried out (Rosfinnadzor (Federal Service for Fiscal and Budgetary Supervision), self-regulating organization of auditors, etc.)

Procedure for determining the size of remuneration to the auditor

In accordance with paragraph 24.10 of Article 24 of the Charter of IDGC of the South PJSC, the auditor's fee is determined by the Board of Directors.

On 05.08.2016 the Board of Directors (minutes of meeting No.197/2016 dated 08.08.2016) determined the amount of payment for the services of the auditor of IDGC of South PJSC – RSM RUS, under a contract for the provision of audit services on audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with the RAS, and audit of the consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS for the year ended 31.12.2016 (audited period from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016): 2 177 796.75 (two million one hundred seventy seven thousand seven hundred ninety six) rubles 75 kopecks, including VAT (18%).

Full company name: Limited Liability Company RSM RUS
Registered address: 4, Pudovkin Str., Moscow, Russia 119285
Postal address: 4, Pudovkin Str., Moscow, Russia 119285
TIN / taxpayer record validity code: 7722020834/772901001
PSRN: 1027700257540
Tel.: +7 (495)-363-28-48
Fax: +7 (495)-981-41-21

Information on the auditor's membership in self-regulating organizations of auditors

Membership Certificate no.6938, issued in accordance with the decision of the Board of Non-Profit Partnership “Auditing Association “Sodruzhestvo” on 25.09.2013, in the self-regulating organization of auditors Non-Profit Partnership “Auditing Association “Sodruzhestvo”.