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Categories of insiders

The persons belonging to the following categories are regarded as insiders of IDGC of the South JSC (hereinafter – the Company):

Category 1 includes the following persons:

  • Sole Executive Body of the Company (General Director, Director or the person discharging the duties of the latter)
  • Sole executive body of managing organization of the Company and persons occupying positions in management and control bodies of the Company
  • Members of Management Board
  • Members of Company’s Board of Directors
  • Members of Committees under the Company’s Board of Directors
  • Members of Company’s Auditing commission

Category 2 includes the employees that have an access to insider information and/or that are given insider information. Such employees are:

  • Deputies of director general
  • Assistants and advisers of director general
  • Heads of structural subdivisions (departments) of the Company
  • Company’s chief accountant and deputies chief accountant
  • Secretaries and assistants of Company’s managers
  • Employees responsible for implementation of:
    • business-planning, budgeting and control accounting
    • accounting and financial accounting (RAS and IFRS)
    • tax accounting and reporting
    • organization of internal audit and risks management
    • strategic development of the company
    • economic security
    • corporate management and interaction with shareholders
    • organizational support of company’s bod and management board
    • personnel management and organization development
    • legal support;
    • property and assets management;
    • Ensuring execution of investment programs, assimilation of investment programs, capital construction and repair activities funding sources;
    • Tariffing, interaction with regulatory authorities, electric energy market actors and customers, ensuring transfer of electric energy and power supply, technological connection and technical development;
    • software administering, ensuring IT-security;
    • operational technical management, prevention of emergency situations;
    • records management;
    • and other categories of the Company workers that, by virtue of discharging their official duties, have access to insider information.

To category 3 belong natural persons that are not related to categories 1, 2, including employees working on the basis of labour/civil contracts that have an access to insider information.

To Category 4 belong persons having access to insider information in accordance with Clauses 5, 6, 8, 11, 12 Article 4 of Federal Law No. 224-FZ dated 27.07.2010 Belonging to such persons are the following:

  • Information agencies that disclose Company’s insider information
  • Rating agencies
  • Auditors
  • Consulting companies
  • Evaluators
  • Professional participants of securities market
  • Credit organizations
  • Insurance organizations
  • Persons/entities that have an access to information on sending of voluntary, obligatory or competitive offer on purchasing shares in accordance with RF legislation on joint stock companies, including persons that have sent to joint stock company voluntary or competitive offers, credit organization that provided bank guarantee, evaluator (legal entities with which the evaluators have concluded labour contracts) - in case of making such offers
  • Persons/entities that own shares in authorized capital and thus have access to insider information in accordance with federal laws and internal documents of the Company,
  • Other persons/entities.