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The Interregional Distribution Grid Company (IDGC) of South has provided the reliable electrification of the stadium "Volgograd Arena" during the test match on the threshold of the World Cup 2018

The teams "Rotor-Volgograd" and "Luch-Energia" from Vladivostok were the first among the football squads evaluating the new sports facility Volgograd Arena Stadium, built for the World Cup 2018. The power engineers of the Volgograd Branch of IDGC of South, PJSC (part of the "Rosseti" group of companies) were actively involved in the preparation and arrangement of the test football game.

The reliable electrification of Volgograd Arena during the first serious power load on the stadium was provided by specialists from several services of the Volgograd branch: relay protection and automation, power lines, isolation and surge protection. Specialists of the company have assisted the technical services of the stadium in heat monitoring of power equipment before and during the football match.

For the preparation of region's power grid infrastructure for the World Cup 2018 the Volgograd Branch was reconstructed the 110 kV class "TDN" substation. The main substation is located in close proximity to the Volgograd-Arena sports complex and is interconnected by underground cable lines.

The first test game on the new "Volgograd Arena" complex was attended by 20 thousand people. For nothing could change the fans impression of the game, the comprehensive testing of the stadium's power equipment was initiated by grid company engineers together with representatives of the stadium operation service a few days before the match. In the run-up of the official opening of the Volgograd Arena, the specialists simulated several real situations for being convinced once again in full readiness of the stadium for any emergency situations during training matches and the World Cup 2018 and have worked out the actions of the personnel at a full and partial disconnection of the external power supply at the facility. Due to careful preparation and training of interaction of all services, technical disturbances in the circuits of external power supply of sports and infrastructure facilities, activated in the test match at the "Volgograd Arena", were not found.

We remind, test matches is the mandatory part of preparation for a major football event of the year. Occupancy of the stadium stands at the first match was 45%, but on May 9 it is planned to have a stadium filled by 100%.

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Power substation (PS) "TDN" — is a power supply source for the main Volgograd venue for the World Football Championship with a capacity of 45,000 seats and adjacent infrastructure. During the reconstruction, all obsolete and outdated equipment at "TDN" was replaced, the total capacity of the power center was increased by 10 MW — from 65 to 75 MW. In addition, the modern multifaceted support was installed in the facility to increased the reliability and safety of approaching the substation. Specialists have noted that this is the first multi-faceted support established in the area of responsibility of the branch. Comprehensive re-equipment of feeding center has increased its energy efficiency, contributing to lower costs for the facility operation and creating a power reserve for connection of new consumers. After the completion of the championship, this will provide additional opportunities for housing construction and the development of nearby enterprises.

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