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Joint-Stock Capital

The share capital of IDGC of the South, PJSC is equal to Six Billion One Hundred and Seventeen Million Eight Hundred and Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty One 70/100 rubles (RUB 117,813,941.70), is divided into 61,178,139,417 ordinary registered shares with the par value of 10 kopeks each. The Company did not issue any preferred shares. The share capital has been paid up in full. All of the shares in IDGC of the South, PJSC are outstanding.

State registration number 1-01-34956-E dd September 20, 2007, was assigned to the issue of ordinary registered uncertified shares in Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the South Public Joint Stock Company.

Statistics on shareholders as of May 19, 2017 (the last register closing date to the General Shareholders’ Meeting):

Type of holder Affiliate Number of shareholders of the Company Number of shares pcs Stake in the share capital, %
Individual holders 11006 8,314,753,677 13,59
including non-residents: 42 10 758 362 0,02
Corporate holders 194 52 789 183 954 86,29
including non-residents: 60 15 098 625 377 24,68
State 1 69 125 536 0,11
Unidentified accounts 1 5 076 250 0,01
TOTAL: 11 202 61 178 139 417 100

Details of declared shares:

According to Clause 4.6, Article 4, Articles of Association of IDGC of the South, PJSC
«4.6. The Company declares additionally to placed shares 19,711,060,583 (Nineteen billion seven hundred eleven million sixty thousand five hundred and eighty three) pieces of ordinary registered shares with a nominal value of 10 (Ten) kopecks each for the total amount at the nominal value of 1 971 106 058 (One billion nine hundred seventy one million one hundred six thousand fifty eight) rubles 30 kopecks.

Ordinary registered shares declared by the Company for placement grant their owners the rights stipulated in Paragraph 6.2. of this Charter.

Rights granted by shares in IDGC of the South, PJSC:

According to Article 6 of the Articles of Association of IDGC of the South PJSC:

6.1. A shareholder of the Company is a person owning shares of the Company on the grounds provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation and this Charter.

Each ordinary registered share of the Company provides the shareholder, its holder, with the same scope of rights.

Shareholders-owners of the Company's ordinary registered shares have the right:

  • to participate personally or through representatives in the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company with the right to vote on all issues within his competence;
  • to submit proposals to the agenda of the general meeting in accordance with the procedure provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation and this Charter;
  • obtain information on the activities of the company and to examine documents of Companies in accordance with article 91 of the Federal law "On joint stock companies", other regulatory acts and present Charter;
  • to receive dividends declared by the Company;
  • of the preferential purchase of additional shares and equity securities convertible into shares placed by subscription in an amount proportional to the number of ordinary shares they hold, in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • to receive a part of its property in case of liquidation of the Company
  • exercise other rights provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation and this Charter.

There are no cross-held shares in the Company.


The type of shareholder The number of the Corporation's bidders  The number of stocks, units Share in the nominal capital, %
Natural person owners 9141 1 414 041 011 2.05
including non-residents 38 9 958 822 0,015
Legal person owners 92 67 616 253 118 97.94
including non-residents 10 14 679 891 0.021
State 1 69 125 536 0.1
Accounts of unknown bodies 1 5 243 826 0.01
TOTAL: 9233 69 039 057 177 100